Poultry Movers

Tiered live-floors

are an extremely efficient way to move large quantities of birds. They are built in 2’, 4’, and 8’ modules and are then fastened together to the desired length. We offer these in 2, 3, 4, or 5 tier heights depending on the size of birds to be hauled. They can be mounted on goosenecks, flatbeds, drop decks, or straight trucks, depending on your application and facility. Using a live-floor trailer, you will have better livability, better weight retention, and happier employees and birds. This is all due to the greatly reduced manual handling of the birds, both loading and unloading. Tiered units are available with some of the following standard options:
• Honda engine driven hydraulic power unit
• Roll tarps
• Winterizing panels
• Front or rear mounted hydraulic operation
• Rear operator’s platform
• Remote operated hydraulics

Live-floor trailers

have been used for decades for moving poults; however, that’s no longer the case. With great success, live-floor trailers are now used to move not only poults, but meat birds and breeder stock as well. Single trailers are offered in both bumper-hitch and gooseneck models. We have manufactured these trailers with up to 36’ belt lengths. A variety of options are available on these trailers including:

• 12VDC hydraulic power unit
• Remote hydraulic operation
• Electric or hydraulic
• Air / hydraulic brakes
• Lights for operation on highways
• Vinyl and mesh roll-tarps
• Hydraulic suspension upgraded with an inline accumulator
• Fenders
• Walking-beam tandem axles
• True tandem axles
• Divider panels