Why Euthanize

When an animal has lost its’ ability to sustain a standard of life conducive to its’ own well-being and the continuation of life only leads to more suffering, euthanasia is the necessary choice.

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KED aka Koechner Euthanizing Devices are tools developed for mechanical cervical dislocation for use in separating the skull from the vertebrae for various sizes of poultry. These tools have been tested by many scholars of animal welfare and are very effective and humane. When used properly they will last for years.

Learn how to use the KED.


The KED-SH is for the smallest hatchlings. It has a thinner blade and slips through the vertebrae without breaking bone.

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The KED-S is similar to a scissor. It works well on young poultry up to 2 weeks of age. It has be used on older chickens, but we do not know how durable the device would be if used on older birds for a prolonged period. KED-S, Scissors for birds up to 4 pounds

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For young poultry, 2 pounds to 20 pounds, the KED-A is recommended. It has a twelve inch handle and is all aluminum.

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The KED-C is excellent for chickens, layers, ducks of all sizes and turkey hens. It has a fifteen-inch handle.

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The KED-T has the same size head but with 40 inch handles for better leverage. It can euthanize large turkeys. For a small person the extra leverage makes the task easier on bigger size birds.

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The KED-TXL has an overall length of 44 inch and a 15% larger head with gear for use on birds over 65 pounds.

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Using The Stand

When alone the stand will help position the tool in the proper place to be most effective.

It is important to be perpendicular to the skull.

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