Where We Started

Cecil Koechner founded Koechner Manufacturing in 1960 to provide for his family, fabricating picnic tables, gas-barrel stands, and farrowing crates. Soon after our founding, Cecil recognized problems in the way poultry were being handled and transported at local farms, so he designed a revolutionary way to haul poultry. After 60 years, we have become a leading innovator and expert in the poultry industry. Cecil’s son Mark took ownership and has been operating the company since 2000 and we are now preparing to transition to the third generation of ownership. We still pride ourselves in our expertise of the poultry industry; however, with each generation, we have expanded to offer new products and services in other industries as well.

Our Promise

Koechner Manufacturing was founded to solve unique and challenging problems and we continue to do so. We pride ourselves in innovating solutions for our customers making their jobs easier and more efficient while reducing labor costs and downtime. We promise to help our customers find the best solutions to their unique problems.