We have been building coops for over 55 years as a staple of our business. Our coops are made specifically for each customer. Every customer has special needs, considerations, and circumstances that should be considered in the coops they use.

Custom Coops

We regularly work with our customers to refine and improve our coops to achieve the highest quality product possible. We manufacture coops for any trailer size or application you require. Our standard sizes are 2-7 high coops, depending on customer application. These coops are made standard for 45’, 48’, and 53’ trailers; however, we can custom manufacture coops for any length trailer. Our coops are offered in standard, big-hole, and removable styles. Standard coops are half the width of the trailer and are loaded from both sides. Big-hole style coops are full trailer width and allowing full loading from one side. Removable cages are stacked on the trailer and can be removed for unloading by either forklift or overhead crane. Trailers are ordered per custom specification with their choice of brand, material, length, kingpin center, axle configuration, and suspension style. We offer steel, aluminum, or combination trailers from a variety of manufacturers including Wade, MAC, East, Utility, Transcraft, and Wilson.
Our coops are offered with the following options

Fold Out Coops

Our Coop Options:

Standard Coops:
• Full-panel or in-door winterizing.
• Feather-control coop doors
• Rear feather-control doors
• Removable forward and rear winterizing panels
• Door wedges

Big-Hole Coops:
• Full-panel or in-door winterizing.
• Feather-control coop doors
• Swinging dividers
• Permanent or removable forward and rear winterizing panels
• Door wedges

Trailer Options:
• Underslung winterizing panel board racks
• Ditch lights
• Forward and rear A-frame bulkheads
• Tow bar
• Co2 stunning ready

Custom Coops & Trailers